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Welcome to AEon Strong

If you are  brand new to AEon Strong you may be wondering what we are all about. We are a newer fitness company dedicated to changing the fitness industry. While the fitness industry is growing fast, it is filled with a perception that being “fit” is all about body image. It is about the guy with six pack abs and boulder shoulders. Or, the girl with a big booty and tiny waist. We are here to say being fit is so much more than just what appears on the surface.

While there is nothing wrong with looking good or wanting to feel sexy, fitness involves so much more. Any person can follow a program that gets them ripped and lean. However, most of these programs don’t last. Poor training fundamentals and routines lead to injury and a lifestyle that most can’t keep up with. Focus is so strongly placed on aesthetics, yet who we are inside is a huge part of it.

We are about helping people find their “Strong!” True fitness starts with being proud of your self and being the best you can. This involves training ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. This type of fitness is not short term either like most programs.

AEon Strong helps anyone and everyone achieve good health that last. Whether you want to look good in a swimsuit, in dire need of losing 100 pounds, or just want to have better health, we want to give you the tools you need. We want you to be able to avoid injury and still enjoy a healthy lifestyle at any age.


For many individuals, its not about making drastic changes but adopting some new lifestyle choices. Grinding out hours upon hours at the gym is not for everyone. There are many individuals out there that love good food and like to have fun on the weekends. Instead of punishing these individuals, we believe it is better to help them embrace who they are and help guide them to not change but adopt.

You should not go into a program because you hate your body. You should go in with the mindset that you love your body and you want to give it the best treatment. Sometimes that requires adjustments, but it starts by being proud of who we are first.

With so many fad diets that practically tell you to not eat food, people get tired of the non-sense. What if I were to tell you that you can eat the foods you love and still lose weight and be healthy? What if I told you that you don’t need to grind away two hours on the treadmill but instead can get a better workout in 30 minutes?

With AEon Strong our programming is a blend of weight lifting, conditioning, and gymnastic movements. All these put together are designed to improve your mobility, power, strength, cardiovascular health, and empower you to feel great about yourself.

Our brains require just as much attention as our bodies. With our programs we like to throw in times that test your willpower and toughness. How far can you push yourself?

If you want honest fitness, AEon is your place. AEon Strong wants to help you Find Your Strong!

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Meet The AEon Team

AEon Strong is owned by CPT Ron Nattress. From the day Ron started walking he was involved in some sort of sport or activity. Tragically at a young age Ron became seriously ill with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. For many years he spent his childhood in a wheel chair and watching others enjoy the activities he loved. Determined to get his life back he did everything he could to get out of the wheelchair and back on the field.

At around the age of 13 he finally had his condition under control enough to get out of the chair.  Around 15 years old he started lifting weights and doing activities that involved a lot of movement. He also focused a lot of effort on his diet. He quickly fell in love with the feeling it gave him. Finally able to move without pain he realized the change exercise and and nutrition can play in a person’s health.

From this point, it was decided that he wanted to help others get their health back under control. After getting certified with as a personal trainer he spent the next 15 years helping people achieve their fitness goals. Becoming an expert in special populations, Ron has found key ways to help people with arthritis, PCOS, diabetes, and many other serious health concerns.

During these years, he also found a passion for cooking. Ron spent 10 years working as a chef in some of the finest restaurants in California. As a trainer by day and chef by night, he now has shifted his energy to writing cook books that provide healthy and delicious recipes.