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First Obstacle Course Expectations 0

First Obstacle Course Expectations

Getting ready for an obstacle course race can be exciting. If you have never done one, there is the wonder of what to expect at their first event. In this article we discuss what to expect in your first race and the proper mind set to have.


What diet plan are you on?

Are you wondering if your new diet plan sucks? I am going to tell you why I hate diets in this article. While we may receive compensation from affiliate links they are at no...


What Does Training to Failure Actually Mean

Training to failure has become the one of the biggest trends in muscle building. Is it good for you though? In this article we answer whether training to failure is helping you progress or regress.


How to Spot Reduce

Science says spot reduction is a myth. While that may be true, technically there is a way to spot reduce. Want to learn how? Check out this article.


Are You Successful With People?

Book review of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People by Vanessa Van Edwards. Do you find social gatherings awkward? Do you struggle to read people’s emotions and react appropriately? Then you need this book.


Steps to Fixing Knee Pain

Millions of people suffer from knee pain and yet many still struggle to find help. Common methods just don’t work. But there is hope. Check out this article to fix your knees.


Is spot reduction possible?

Is it the spot reduction myth possible? Can you choose to do certain exercises and target where you burn fat? Check out the answer here.