How Crash Dieting is Hurting Your Progress?

Are you constantly looking for the “easy road” to weight loss or better health? Then this is an article for you.

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Many people spend weeks, months, or even years contemplating the idea of getting in shape.

“I need to get to the gym.”

“I want to lose 30 pounds and get back in the shape I was in college.”

“My doctor is telling me I need to make drastic changes with my health.”

While these statements are often made, action does not always follow.

However, when a person finds them self ready to act, it is not uncommon to look for the quick solution.

Who wants to take their time losing weight or getting in shape?

This type of thinking often leads to crash dieting and drastic choices to see sudden results.

Usually this is done by cutting calories way back or completely cutting out certain foods.

I am here to tell you those methods don’t work. At least not for the long haul.

They may at times get you the results but they results rarely last.

Let’s discuss why and how to properly reach your goals.

Step #1 – Don’t change anything yet

The biggest mistake I often see people make is skipping step number one.

I even see many in the health industry encouraging their clients to skip this step and that is to not change a thing.

If you are ready to take action on your health, the first step is to take a look at what you are doing first before you make any changes.

Take two weeks to document your daily activity.

Sure go to the gym and start training. That won’t hurt by any means. But when it comes to your diet, look at what you are doing.

Keep a journal with you and write down every single item you eat and drink through out the day. Write out quantities, time of day, activity in between, etc…

After the two weeks look back and try to get a full picture of what you do. This is also a good step for people not ready to count calories or macros yet.

Getting perspective is the biggest step toward progress.

Write out the averages of how much water you drink each day, how many soda’s, how many times you stopped for fast food. Whatever it is find your averages and patterns.

Do you start binge eating candy at around 3:30 every Monday through Friday? Is that when you start to fade at work perhaps and candy is that go to boost?

This is all good information to have before making any changes.

Crash dieting will usually result in a crash

Now that you have an idea, don’t go crazy with the changes.

Too often people say I need to cut out soda, fast food, and sugar completely.

However, is that best?

For instance, lets take a person who drinks 8 cans of soda every day. They know soda is bad for them. They are well aware they should be drinking water instead.

Although, would you really want them to completely cut out 8 cans of soda right off the bat?

They eat fast food 4 times a day. Are you going to say they should completely stop eating fast food?

While those are good goals to achieve, they are not realistic and can be counter productive.

For many, the cravings are too strong. If someone were to completely cut something out, what happens when they cheat?

They will probably feel bad, but one cheat leads to another, and another, until eventually the diet is just too hard.

It’s the thought “well I already ruined one meal by cheating, what’s the big deal if I do it again later?”

For many, the thought of failing in their diet once is enough to create a complete waving of the white flag.

It is no fun cutting EVERYTHING out and when they cheat, they CHEAT!

The other side of the coin is for those who perhaps get success.

They have a 3 month goal of cutting calories and only eating certain foods and they do awesome at it. Woo hoo!

Now what though? You can’t keep that up forever. Your body has been starved for months and needs food.

So you go back little by little adding in the foods you love and you guessed it, the weight comes back.

While the diet worked for some time, it was not sustainable. Do this over and over again and you get this roller coaster ride of body composition.

It just does not work. It does not last for the long haul.







I Want That

Slower is actually faster

Truth is, the same results can be accomplished by making small changes. Not only is it safer for your body, but more sustainable as well.

If you drink 8 cans of soda every day, instead I want you to spend two weeks drinking only 4 or 5. Replace the other soda’s with water.

If you eat fast food 4 times a day, try only doing it 3 times a day and replace the other meal with a healthy option like a salad.

Just those small changes are going to have a tremendous impact on someone.

Their body will adapt and reward them for the efforts. Plus, if they mess up here and there, it is not so bad. They are winning most of the small battles.

These small victories lead to a routine of success.

After the two weeks are done, cut the soda and fast food in half.

Little by little changes are being made and it starts to become easy. You start feeling better physically, and mentally you are saying to yourself, “I can do this. This is easier than I thought.”

People so often think they need to cut calories and foods out of their diet to see results.

You can still eat the foods you love and you can still eat food.

Eat the same amount you always have, just swap out a few meals each day from unhealthy to healthy options.

Swap out a few sugary drinks for a couple cups of water.

Do this and mix it up with some proper training at the gym and you will see the results. In fact, probably a lot faster than the person crashing.

By following this method, you start adopting a healthier lifestyle and make healthy choices easier. Eventually, it just becomes habit and you are on a long road to continuous success.

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