Are you leaving gas in the tank?

Big question for the day is are you leaving gas in the tank?

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What do we mean by leaving gas in the tank? No this has nothing to do with actual gas in your car tank. What we are talking about is are you training hard enough?

A study came out in 2017 in order to answer this question. 160 candidates were asked for there typical weight to do a set of ten reps on the bench press. Then they were taken into the gym and asked to do a set at that weight until failure.

What were the results?

It was found that out these 160 individuals, only about 35 of them had reached failure at 10 reps to 12 repetitions. The rest of the study group had anywhere from 3 to 10+ extra reps.

That is a large majority of people who are left a lot of gas in the tank.

You could argue that thee must be some variables to cause the results and you are right. There were some variables.

However, the variables were so slight that they really can’t play a role in such a drastic result.

We should highlight another study to help prove the point.

This study the question was approached differently. They simply asked at a given weight you normally lift, how many reps do you think you can do before reaching failure.

Not a typical amount they do but how many they could do. Within this study it was found on average that each person underestimated their reps by 3 to 4.

Are you training hard enough?

Simply put, I would argue that most of you don’t train hard enough. I think the studies showing this are pretty clear that the majority of people going to the gym are leaving a lot in reserve.

In fact, I see this everyday at the gym. I see people walk up to the weight rack, grab a pair of dumbbells and pump out 10 reps and they are done.

Just watching I know they had a few more reps left in them. They probably feel the “pump” they were looking for, but could definitely do more.

Another aspect of this though is routine design. I see a lot of people go into the gym and have a huge list of exercises to perform. Say anywhere from 15 to 18 sets plus cardio at the end.

I think the mindset is constantly to hit the muscle from all the different angles for best results.

Take the chest for an example. You have flat bench, incline, and decline. Plus you have your cable exercises, pushup variations, single arm variations with dumbbells, and the list goes on.

With such a large list, I can imagine the idea that you should leave some energy to be able to accomplish it all. I used to do this when I was new to weight lifting. I would spend hours on a muscle group.

Bottom Line

Whatever the reason may be,  the majority of people are not training hard enough.

It is not about reaching complete failure every time or completely fatiguing the body. However, when there are extra reps being left behind, your results suffer.

With this it can be difficult to see progress in your routine. The hours spent at the gym can quickly feel like a waste of time and result in a lack of desire to return.

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