How to Spot Reduce

Want to learn how to go against science and actually spot reduce? Then this article is for you.

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While the spot reduction myth has been proven to be false, I am here to tell you that it is possible.

Reading this you may be thinking of a previous posts where I said spot reduction is not possible.

I stand by that article and say that is absolutely correct. You can not spot reduce, but today I am going to tell you how it is possible.

Confused yet?


When we hear the term spot reduction it is often attributed to losing fat in a particular area.

For men it is often around the gut that fat needs to disappear.

With women it is often around the arms and legs that become trouble spots.

These areas tend to carry fat when other areas may seem lean.

Trying to train an area specifically is not going to help you lose fat in that area.

But training a specific area can help. Here is how.

How you can spot reduce

Unless your body fat is quite high, often times the muscles are just hiding.

The most common reason why most people can’t see there abs or real muscle definition is not due to fat percentage.

While this plays a role, very often it comes down to low muscle mass.

Simply put, you are just not muscular enough to unleash that six pack.

We see this when comparing new exercisers with advanced lifters.

When you are new to training or if you have not spent much time focused on building muscle, it is hard to display those muscles.

This mean that if you want to see abs, you need to get your body fat down to the low 10 to 13%.

However, take an experienced lifter. Someone who has been training for say 8 or more years.

Naturally, they are going to have a lot more muscle to carry around. Because of this, they can get away with say a 15% body fat and still see abs.

That is the key. If you want to start seeing muscle definition, you need to start training for muscle gains.

Your next workout

If you are not already doing it, start adding in some compound lifts and then follow them with isolation.

The ideal rep range to build muscle is 4 to 6 reps at 75-85% of your 1 rep max.

Training in this range is where you really start to build a lot of muscle mass and get the most out of your lifting.

Within this range, it is important to realize that you are probably lifting a lot more than you are used to.

If you prefer to to hit your muscle groups once a week, then target 10 to 12 total working sets.

Generally, in order to see muscle definition, it is required to lose fat. However, by adding size to our muscles can easily create the illusion of spot reduction simply by adding more muscle.


AEon Fitness is owned by CPT Ron Nattress. From the day Ron started walking he was involved in some sort of sport or activity. Tragically at a young age Ron became seriously ill with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. For many years he spent his childhood in a wheel chair and watching others enjoy the activities he loved. Determined to get his life back he did everything he could to get out of the wheelchair and back on the field. At around the age of 13 he finally had his condition under control enough to get out of the chair.  Around 15 years old he started lifting weights and doing activities that involved a lot of movement. He also focused a lot of effort on his diet. He quickly fell in love with the feeling it gave him. Finally able to move without pain he realized the change exercise and and nutrition can play in a person's health. From this point, it was decided that he wanted to help others get their health back under control. After getting certified with as a personal trainer he spent the next 15 years helping people achieve their fitness goals. Becoming an expert in special populations, Ron has found key ways to help people with arthritis, PCOS, diabetes, and many other serious health concerns. During these years, he also found a passion for cooking. Ron spent 10 years working as a chef in some of the finest restaurants in California. As a trainer by day and chef by night, he now has shifted his energy to writing cook books that provide healthy and delicious recipes.

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