Why you never miss Monday’s

Good ole Monday comes around again. Are you going to the gym today? I will tell you why you should never miss Monday.

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The weekend fun has become a distant memory and the weekly grind begins. Let’s face it, generally Monday’s suck at any job.

You spend most of the day at work playing catch up from the weekend and discovering all the issues you need to fix for the week. After a long hard day it is very easy for many to skip their workout.

It is so much easier to just curl up on a couch with a bucket of ice cream and a movie.

Here is 3 reasons why you should NEVER miss a Monday workout.

Start off the week strong

Monday’s become like a clean slate for many people. A chance to get the week going in the right direction.

After spending all weekend having fun and forgetting that you are trying to build muscle or lose weight, Monday is that opportunity to get back into your routine.

This is the reason why Monday’s are always so packed at the gym but by Friday night it becomes a ghost town. After Monday’s workout, people are more motivated to hit the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Food choices also become more strict when you are focused on your fitness goals and going after them.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Harvard attorney Elle Woods once said, “Exercise gives you endorphin’s. Endorphin’s make you happy.” Very wise advice and very true.

Science backs it up, people who exercise release endorphin’s, creating more happiness and self-esteem. It is also found that sunshine can give us a boost in endorphin’s as well. If you want to workout but hate the crowds, this is reason to at least go for a bike ride or run on the beach.

On top of creating happiness, exercise is a valuable tool in getting rid of anxiety. Studies have shown that high intensity workouts reduce current anxiety levels. On top of that, it can help prevent fear of future anxiety.

Boost Your Brain

Have you been on a tough project or working hard to get noticed by your boss. Or perhaps you are in school looking to ace a big test.

Recent studies are linking exercise to increased levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotropic factor) which helps build healthier cells.

There are findings that intense physical activity promotes the ability for us to have better memory and ability to learn and adapt to new concepts.

However, while one gym session may help slightly, steady trips to the gym are key to maximizing your mental potential.

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