Is spot reduction possible?

Is spot reduction a myth? Can you choose where to burn fat?

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It is late at night, you are packing away the Cheetos. You flip through the channels.

All of a sudden you come across an infomercial promising to reduce your belly fat by using there workout device.

For 5 easy payments of $19.99 you can get this contraption that looks like it came out of a horror film and get the body you have been looking for.

Sound to good to be true? It is.

Spot reduction is a myth.

You can not choose to target a specific area and expect to only burn fat in that area.

Reasons why spot reduction does not work

Losing weight is an entire body thing.

Science shows us that it is not possible to target certain areas for fat loss.

It mostly comes down to genetics and this is where people get mislead.

Our bodies hormones cause us to hold fat in certain areas.

One of the most obvious areas is in the mid-section.

For some people they can be relatively thin throughout the body but have belly.

However, while our bodies naturally store fat in some areas, in does not naturally get rid of fat in one specific area.

Losing body fat is an entire body process and while some areas gain fat faster, those same areas often lose fat slower.

Our bodies are going to do the choosing for us.

Usually areas like the shoulders with quickly lose fat and you start seeing the dimple. However, that is not the result of 100 overhead presses.

Likewise losing fat in the stomach does not happen by doing hundreds of crunches a day.

On top of this, our bodies typically burn the newest fat cells first and the oldest fat cells last. So if you were to start out getting fat around the stomach and then the hips. You will most likely lose it in the reverse order.

Not ideal for many people, but that is how it works.

How do you lose that fat then?

As disheartening as it may be for some in regards to spot reduction being a myth, losing fat is a simple process.

It does not take any supplements.

You don’t need some fancy keto, paleo, or vegan diet.

The first part comes down to nutrition. Our bodies in there simplest state are just energy.

We run on energy so when it comes to food, energy in verses energy out.

If you want to build muscle then you must take in more calories than you burn.

If you want to lose weight then you must eat less calories than you burn.

Be careful not to just drop a ton of calories and expect results. This is not a safe approach.

You want to sit around 15-20% of a calorie deficit. For example: if your total daily energy expenditure is 2500 calories, then you would need to eat 2000 calories.

The second part of the equation is your training program.

Stop spending hours on the treadmill jogging away at a glacial pace if you want to burn fat. It is pointless.

HIIT training is the ultimate fat burner.

With HIIT training you burn more calories and you turn off an after burner effect where your body burns more energy over then next 36 or so hours.

It does take time to see results but you will accomplish far more and at a faster pace with a well implemented program of diet and exercise.



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