What diet plan are you on?

Are you wondering if your new diet plan sucks? I am going to tell you why I hate diets in this article.

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Diets, diets, and more diets. When does it end?

It seems like there is a new and better diet plan coming out every couple months or so.

As a trainer I am always asked about diets. What diet I do or what I think about going Keto or Paleo.

Truth is I don’t care¬† for any diet plan. Granted there are some I feel are better than others but that is a minor point in the large scheme.

For instance the Ketogenic diet (a low carb high fat diet) can be a great diet plan for some.

It started out as a potential cure for people with epilepsy. Studies show it to be effective for controlling epileptic episodes. It has also been proven effective in many other health issues including PCOS, type 2 diabetes, and more. However, it has turned into a very popular fad diet for the purpose of weight loss.

While it can help with weight loss, for some it can be a poor diet choice or even dangerous in some circumstances.

Then you have diets out there like the Paleo diet which is all about eating whole foods. Typical hunter gatherer style eating. Very popular among the CrossFit crowd.

Whole 30 goes into a more extreme version of Paleo by eliminating anything that could cause inflammation. Then after 30 days you slowly reintroduce certain foods and track the results.

You then have Zone diet which is more about balance. You create zones on the plate. For instance 1/3 is protein, the other 2/3 are carbs and you can add an small wedge of fat to the plate. Usually a essential fat like half an avocado.

Round it out with Atkins, vegetarian, vegan pescatarian, detox’s, and juice cleanses, the list keeps going.

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So which diet plan do you choose?

There is one thing they all have in common for the most part. They require you to eat more healthy foods and eliminate the bad foods from the diet.

Simply put, they address a simple need in your body. There is something your body finds toxic and by eliminating it you are fixing an issue.

However some of these diet plans go to the extreme with eliminating foods. They may even eliminate healthy foods just for the sake of being different. To top it off, most are not backed by science in any way.

There is rarely room for error or cheats. People get so wrapped up in the rules that when they cheat they feel guilty and usually cheat harder. I don’t find this type of eating healthy or beneficial in the mental side of things.

Another problem I have with a lot of the diet craze though is the fact that people treat it two ways. They go hardcore for 30 days or so to reach a goal and then go back to their typical lifestyle. Or, they go so hardcore in to it that they try to convince everyone it is the only way to go.

All diet plans succeed and fail. Each one of us is so unique that what works for one person might not work for another. Simply because each diet is there to address a need in our body.

Plus, your diet needs may change over time.

Most simple way to diet is follow a balanced diet. Cut out the crap like sugar, limit your grains, limit the amount of alcohol you consume, and eat nutrient rich foods.

Anybody can do this without ever subscribing to a specific diet plan just by eating a balanced diet of meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and so forth.

Even the smallest of changes can make a drastic difference in someone’s health.

Most importantly do what works for you. If you need a diet plan, try one out. If it does not work, try another one until you find what works.

Realize too that diets are not some 90 day fad. A real diet plan involves the lifetime of your eating and drinking habits. The word diet means a way of life.

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